Second hand corset for sale - $180

This is a corset I made for a client last year but she has since lost a lot of weight and no longer fits it. It is still in excellent condition and she would like to re-sell it and buy a new corset to suit her new shape. She used to wear it with a Chinese-style dress in a matching brocade and is selling the corset with this dress.

Please visit my website and click on 'ready-made' for lots more images.

It is made from black duchess delustered satin with centre-front and centre-back panels of client-supplied floral brocade, including pattern matching on the centre-front panels. It is bound with black satin, has antique brass size 00 grommets and is laced with black satin ribbon.

Fully closed at the back, this corset measures as follows:

Front Length - 31cm (12.25")
Bust - 88cm (34.5") C cup
Waist - 69cm (27")
Hip - 101cm (40")

This corset has been designed to have a 5cm (2") gap at the back.

Please note my client is quite short-waisted so this has been designed with a waist-to-underbust measurement of 4.5cm.

Please contact me if you would like more detailed measurements.

This corset features:
  • Front modesty panel behind the busk.
  • Waist tape.
  • Combination of thick 5mm sprung steel and 7mm/10mm spiral steel. 26 bones in total.
  • Triple-stitched seams.
  • Woven interfacing fused to fashion fabric for extra strength.
  • 100% cotton drill strength layer.
  • Super soft 100% cotton drill lining.
  • Two-piece antique-brass grommets (size 00).
  • Black satin ribbon lacing
  • Pattern matching on centre-front brocade panels
  • Unique bottom shape

Please email me for a direct purchase.

Postage is $12 within Australia, $15-21 international, depending on destination.

You may request registered post for an extra charge.

Payment by bank deposit if in Australia, otherwise PayPal.

Wine Whine

Just curious - what do you all think the whole 'trying the bottle of wine that is brought to your table before it is poured' thing is about? 

[Gah - I tried to set up a poll for this but goddamed LJ sucks arse and spat out funny errors and wouldn't let me post.  So yeah - do you think it's so you can see if you like it or if it has oxidised?  If you don't like it should they keep bringing you bottles of wine until you find one you like?  Should they swap it immediately if you tell them it's corked or stand their confused asking you if you mean you don't like it?]

Chris, my family & I went out for dinner tonight at an Italian restaurant and we ordered a bottle of semillon sauvignon blanc.  As soon as I tasted it I knew it had gone and told the woman so.  She was just really confused and asked me if I didn't like it.  I said no, I like that wine just fine - I've had it before - but it was 'corked'.  She was just totally confused and I had to explain to her a few times that it was off and that she needed to get a new bottle.

I saw her and the maitre'd animatedly discussing my bottle of wine and went to investigate.  At first he didn't seem to understand that it could be 'corked' as it didn't have a cork.  He told me that I should get a different wine because the whole case was probably off.   I told him it probably wasn't - that normally only 2-3 wines in 100 that have screw caps are off and that it's not due to a 'bad batch' of wine.  (He obviously doesn't understand why wine goes bad).  I begged him to please just give me another bottle and he said they only had a few left of that one and that it might be off too.  We suspect he figured that even if the other bottles were off, he might be able to sell them to a diner with a crap enough palate they couldn't tell it was off and would still pay for it.  

I would have thought that they would educate their waiters though about why they are giving people a taste of the wine and what to do if it has oxidised. 

I've bought two oxidised screw caps in the past few months - lucky me!

The bible is the word of god, right?

So we're told over and over and over that the bible is the unerring word of God and that man did not write it, but God, though the hands of men. 

There are no errors in the bible because it is the word of God and this claptrap about fallible men's mistranslations changing that word over time is just that - claptrap.  The bible today is exactly the same as it was when first penned.

Well, for all you that still stick to that line, I give you this:

One of the text alterations Fowler attributes to Thomas Nelson Publishing comes from Corinthians 6:9. In the text from a 1976 Bible version by Thomas Nelson, Fowler claims the passage reads:

“Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind.”

In the text from a 1982 version by Thomas Nelson, Fowler claims the passage has been changed to:

“Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived, neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodimites.”

Finally, in a 2001 version, Fowler claims the passage was changed yet again to read:

“Surely you know that the people who do wrong will not inherit God's kingdom. Do not be fooled, those who sin sexually, worship idols, take part in adultery, those who are male prostitutes, or men who have sexual relations with other men, those who steal, are greedy, get drunk, lie about others, or rob these people will not inherit God's kingdom.”


But no, there are no mistranslations in the bible nor personal 'enhancements' from the people writing it.  Not at all.

Massive corsetry sale

Hey people,

I have loads of corsets for sale right now. These will only be available for purchase until the end of the week (Friday) and then they'll be going to my retail outlets for sale at RRP, so if you want a deal on a brand-new corset, get in now! All prices are in AU$. Please email me at info AT volancia DOT com if you wish to purchase one of these. First in first served.

All are made with an interfaced layer of fashion fabric, a strength layer and a lining layer. They have 14-16 steel bones each and strong 2-piece grommets.

If you want to know more detailed measurements of any of these please email me at info AT volancia DOT com. These are all in standard sizes of 20", 22", 24" and 26" waists. The measurement chart I use can be viewed on my website under 'Ordering'.

These have all been photographed flat - there are pictures of each of the styles on my dummy if you have a look under 'Underbust' on my website,

Please note that what you see is what you get - I don't have the time at the moment to remake any of these in a different size and will probably not be taking any more orders on for the rest of the year.

Size 8 - 20" waist
Size 12 - 24" waist
UV04 style made from black delustered satin with side panels of purple shimmer satin with a black mesh overlay. It is bound with black satin and has silver size 00 grommets.

Collapse )

Size 8 - 20" waist
UV04 style made from black delustered satin with red top stitching. It is bound with black satin and has black size 00 grommets.

Collapse )
Size 10 - 22" waist
UV04 style made from black delustered satin with feature panels of black cotton with a white skull print. It is bound with white skull print cotton and has black size 00 grommets.

Collapse )

Size 14 - 26" waist

UV04 style made from dusky pink delustered satin, black delustered satin and with a lace overlay on the side panels. It is bound with dusky pink satin and has black size 00 grommets.

Collapse )

There are two corsets which were worn by models for about 3 hours each on Saturday night. These both have satin ribbon lacing and have a 15% discount. There is no damage or wear to either of them.

Size 10 - 22" waist

Buskless UV01 style made from black delustered satin with side panels of dragon brocade. It has a solid front with a dragon motif stitched on. It is bound with dragon brocade, has red ribbon lacing and black size 00 grommets.

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Size 8 - 20" waist
UV04 style made from blue shimmer satin with a black mesh overlay on all panels. It is bound with black delustered satin, is laced with turquoise ribbon and has silver size 00 grommets.

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New Corset Pics

I've made a couple of overbusts recently but never got around to posting pics of them.

The first one was for a hairdresser friend of mine who was entering a competition for an avant-garde hairstyle.  She had to submit one photograph of her model wearing the wig she'd created, so she wanted a pretty fabulous outfit for her.  I haven't seen the photos yet but I'll post them when I get them!

This one was a bit of an experiment for me as I normally create shaped cups.  Rachel wanted her model to have lots of lovely cleavage though, so I drafted straight bust lines and just used sprung steel rather than spiral.  It's quite long over the hips with a nice wavy line.  There are little suspender tabs inside (3 on each side) for suspenders to hook into also.

It is made from black delustered satin, is bound in the same and has black size 00 grommets.

This corset will have more life after its photoshoot as Rachel selected a model with a similar size to herself so that she could run away with it afterwards.

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The second one was for a client who didn't have much of an idea of what she wanted when she came in, but together we worked out a design that she is very happy with!  She wanted it to be mainly black but also have a feature colour of blue.   It fits much better on a real body than on my mannequin!  My client is planning on loosing a bit of weight so I designed it with a 10cm gap at the back so it can be closed down further.  She has two different removable modesty panels depending on how tight she is able to lace it.

This is a more traditional overbust shape for me, having shaped cups and a medium sweetheart neckline.

It is made from black silk dupion except the 2nd panels which are blue dupion and have a lace overlay. The binding and modesty panel are black dupion also. Lattice weave trim has been stitched to the top binding and a thin blue ribbon woven through.  It's left loose at the ends so that my client can reweave it or swap it out for different colours in the future. Thick blue dupion piping is stitched into the bottom binding and snaps have been attached for the removable black lace trim. It has black size 00 grommets and standard corset lacing.

The piping along the bottom came out a lot thicker than I had intended, but in the end it worked out well as at its original height it would have been masked by the lace trim.

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Out in the wops

I am posting from a mine site somewhere near Karratha, in the north-west of WA. Woohoo!

About two weeks ago I bumped into the MD of a mine company I did some contracting to last year.  He told me (with a very furrowed brow) that their poor geologists couldn't find any information and everything was a bit of a mess up at their site office, and would I please go up and help them out?

So, a couple of weeks later, here I am sitting in my donga (ooo, Australian slang!) on a copper and nickel mine site.  I have been here for three days going through all the documentation in their office, cataloguing it all in an excel spreadsheet and giving everything a unique reference number.  I leave tomorrow, but will be back in a couple of weeks to finish it off.

So, life on a mine, eh?  I actually quite enjoy working on mine sites.  I did a couple of stints at an iron ore mine for another company about 18 months ago.

I get to go to work in jeans and boots.
All meals are eaten in the mess, so I get to eat bacon and eggs and hashbrown and mushroom for breakfast each day, and then don't have to cook dinner.  (I had lamb shanks the other night - yummy).
Our rooms are really awesome - I have my own ensuite, TV with 20 Foxtel channels, fridge, desk, network connection and free internet.  A wet mess (bar) is opening on Saturday too. 
I can say 'fuck' in the office and no one cares!
Being one of the few females on the site means I get treated pretty well by the guys.
Nothing to spend my money on, so enforced savings!
It's nice and hot  and not humid (about mid 30s)

There is currently a bit of a grasshopper infestation.  I hate flying and jumping things, so I *really* hate grasshoppers.
There are deadly snakes, although I haven't yet seen any.
They tend to drink instant coffee here, although I did find a stash of old Vittoria coffee I have been using).
My boyfriend isn't here!
I have to get up about 6am.

Anyway, I am leaving tomorrow so have to pack up all my shit tonight and I still haven't had a shower.  It's 9:30 which is supposed to be my bedtime!  

Man, I have so much corsetry to do when I get back!

Stupid pictures

Gah, heaps of my picture links aren't working anymore 'cos I changed around the file structure for my website, so lots of the URLs have changed.  Anyway, I'm going to have to get around to fixing them all at some stage, but in the meantime if you're trying to look at my previous work, check out the website instead as all the images are there.